The next evolution of NFTs

The first protocol to allow for the trustless generation of token-embedded NFTs.

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Building with Capsule

Capsule allows users to store any web3 asset inside of an NFT.

Classic Capsule

Single-use NFT packaging that can be redeemed for its underlying assets.

Classic Capsule Image
Iron Capsule Image

Iron Capsule

Reusable NFT packaging that can have assets added and removed. Available soon!

Capsule Behaviors


Capsules can be bought, sold and traded like any other NFT

Add & Remove

Only works with Iron Capsules

Iron Capsules permit the user to add or remove assets at any time


Only works with Classic Capsules

Classic Capsules permit the user to redeem any underlying assets by burning the Capsule


Any user can trustlessly mint Classic or Iron Capsules using the Capsule Protocol


Capsules are ERC721 tokens and appear on any platorm that supports basic NFTs

Infinite Possibilities

Use Capsule to integrate composability into any project.

Plug-and-Play Solutions

Access a library of simple, audited, easy-to-use code.

ICapsuleMinter public constant CAPSULE_MINTER = ICapsuleMinter(0xb8Cf4A28DA322598FDB78a1406a61B72d6F6b396); ICapsule public immutable capsuleCollection; CAPSULE_MINTER.mintSingleERC20Capsule{value: msg.value}( address(capsuleCollection), USDC, ONE_DOLLAR, METADATA_URL, _msgSender() );
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Community Creations

Capsule-powered projects from our community.